A simple jQuery plugin to stream pictures from Instagram

Gallery demo

Before to use the plugin

Before to go further be sure you have an Instagram account and an Instagram API Key.

For how you can have one, please visit the official Instagram Developer center and tutorials like this one.

Once you have your Token you can start using this jQuery plugin.


  1. Download the latest version on Github
  2. Unzip the folder
  3. Add the js file to your website
  4. Add css styles to your website
  5. Add 'img' folder to your website


To call the plugin, you need to write a little javascript/jQuery code

jQuery(document).ready(function ($) {
		instaToken: 'Your Instagram Token here',
		instaUser: 'Your Instagram User ID here',
		instaResults: 3,
		instaMenu: 'yes'

You can choose how many pictures you want by slide. CSS cover 1,2,3 and 4 results, feel free to add new styles if you want more results by slide.

Be aware that the JSON file that the plugin read from Instagram only shows 20 pictures.

That's it, have fun !